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About Woodland Wishes

Independent Green Funeral Director

Woodland Wishes offer simple and bespoke 'green' funerals in beautiful woodland burial sites using British 'earth friendly' coffins. As well as offering as much or as little personal guidance as you need without the fuss and unwanted expense of traditional mainstream funerals.

We are a small, honest, ethical and independent company, passionate about helping you get what you want and need. Providing a down-to-earth, practical and highly professional service when faced with arranging a funeral.

Woodland Wishes can also give advice on and conduct 'simple' cremations as well as offering a personal collection of ashes service for scattering, burial or other at request.

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Woodland Burials & Simple Cremations

Woodland Wishes

Woodland Wishes was founded by Tracy O'Leary, Green Funeral Director to offer a more personal service and to raise awareness of natural burial and memorial landscapes, where memories are not anchored in inscriptions on headstones but in and through the 'natural' world of butterflies, badgers and skylark's song, bluebells and leaves falling from trees and to assist for a more personal, meaningful goodbye.

Tracy previously worked for a Cambridge charity, WinterComfort for the Homeless.

Please contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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