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Woodland Wishes

Electric  Nissan Leaf Hearse & Traditional Black Electric Hearse 


Woodland Wishes Funeral Services is now pleased to offer our environmentally friendly mode of funeral transport with the all electric Nissan Leaf hearse. This is often a preferred alternative chosen by families not only for its green credentials but also because of it's more sleek, subtle design and lower cost.  We can also offer a black fully electric hearse for those that prefer a traditional look.



Benefits of using the electric hearse:


The new electric hearse is available to be hired directly to a family and will come with a driver for the day.


Telephone Tracy on 01223 880002 for more information.


We wanted to have a simple dignified funeral for my atheist father. Tracy was knowledgeable, helpful and kind. She was a discrete but lovely presence, making sure things happened with quiet confidence and total efficiency. She listened to what we wanted, made helpful suggestions of options without ever trying to influence our choices. She gave us confidence in our choices and made it all happen from big issues to the smallest detail. Everyone who met her, family and friends, liked her too! Thanks Tracy!


NG - Cambridge